Shoulder Werk



An army brat born in Germany and now residing in Columbus, Georgia- charismatic music artist Kimani Edwards, known as “Kimani”, leaves the imprint of her unique sound wherever she goes.

The middle child of three, (a younger brother and an older sister) Kimani’s interest in the arts was apparent at a young age. With a supportive family, she continued pursuing those talents following her arrival in Georgia.

Kimani continued to develop her talents at the well known Atlanta Performance Art’s School “HOTT Theatre for Children”. She is a triple threat talent; an actress, singer and songwriter. She has appeared in movies such as “Almost Christmas”, a commercial for Jermaine Dupree’s “The Rap Game”, web series’ and tv series including Lee Daniel’s “Star” with Queen Latifah.

As a singer, Kimani’s unique sound fuses pop with R&B highlighting smooth and bold vocals taking listeners for “a ride”. Her newly released single “Rider” is a definite banger produced by music extraordinaire Jazze Pha, channeling pure 90’s vibes. Buckle up ;)

Kimani is an audacious teen with a vision and a purpose. She keeps GOD first, volunteers in her community, loves spending time with her family and friends and enjoys caring for two fur-babies; a Shih Tzu, Butterscotch and Rottweiler, Deborah.

As an independent artist, gaining exposure is priority as Kimani’s goal is to be signed to a label that can appreciate all this hard working, talented artist

has to offer.

Purchase her latest single “Rider” produced by Jazze Pha on Amazon and iTunes.

Purchase her latest single “Shoulder Werk” produced by Mr. 217 on Amazon and iTunes.

Catch Kimani on her “Rider” tour and stay tuned for her upcoming EP!!!


March 3

5th Annual Youth Empowerment & Excellence Awards

Porter Sanford III Performing Arts & Community Center

Atlanta, GA




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